D4R is a collaborative HW/SW ecosystem, aiming at helping the Clients in designing, developing and building their own railway applications by leveraging on a variety of existing products and reference designs, distributed among three main domains.

Each domain provides several components, which can be used independently or synergically depending on the customer requirements.

D4R::Horizon D4R Horizon Software Suite provides a collection of powerful and versatile graphical tools that simplify and boost several processes and operations related to the railway signalling systems modeling. Main Features D4R Horizon tools can
D4R::Application D4R Application is focused on HW/SW Generic Products /Generic Applications implementation. It offers a collection of components that simply and boost the realisation of railway system, providing SIL4 assessed platforms (leveraging on GeminiX ecosystem),
D4R::Workplace D4R Workplace is an end-to-end environment for simulation, automated test execution, diagnostic and maintenance. D4R Workplace provides a powerful framework and a set of simulators to create or maintain complex railway scenarios where your


D4R::Horizon Software Suite v1.1

About NEAT

NEAT Srl was founded by Dr. Simone Cabasino and Dr. Mario Torelli.

Simone Cabasino and Mario Torelli, in team with the great Italian scientists Nicola Cabibbo and Giorgio Parisi (2021 Nobel Laureate in Physics), created one of the most powerful Parallel Supercomputers in the world. The experience of the Founders in the design of high performances HW/SW architectures is the unique heritage on which are based the successes of NEAT in the design and development of highly safe, reliable and powerful computers and related software.

NEAT represents a preferred professional career opportunity for the best students who graduated in Electronic and IT Engineering, Mathematics and Physics. Thanks to a strict collaboration with the Universities, NEAT is a centre of excellence even for the extreme challenges in High performances computing and safety systems.

Our Products

The ecosystem of components for design, configuration, testing, simulation and management of critical railway systems and infrastructures

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